Sunday, February 24, 2008


Observed On 26/01/1981
Region Languedoc Roussillon
Department Aude
Class D
Close Observation of a cigar shaped object
Detailed description On January 26th 1981, at 16h 30, a motorist circulates on a secondary road. He sees on his left, a cigar shaped object arrive. The object is 5m long approximately 1,5m high. It is of orange color and three white circles are visible on the right side of it. It then flies over the fields 4 or 5 meters above the ground without emitting any noise and going at approximately 30 km/h. The object crosses the road passing above the car which starts to have trouble running and stops. The witness gets out of his vehicle and looks at the object which is located above the trees, then did a sharp turn to follow a watershed and disappear. The observation will last 30 seconds. At the time of the investigation, the vehicle of the witness will be examined: an anomaly with the a diode located in the alternator will be noticed and worn coals of the alternator will be changed. No other information will be collected on this phenomenon which remains unexplained.
Report of the investigation none




N° 1981308170 [ Statement 19 ] _ NUM_CAS _
  • Witness

    Date from the observation 26/01/1981
    Number of Part Not-specified
    Age Adult (beyond 18 years)
    Profession Not-specified
    Sex Masculine
    Reaction Active curiosity
    Credibility Normal credibility


    Environment Departmental Ways, Roads
    Condition Weather A clear sky
    Hour of the observation Quantified: 16 hours - 18 hours
    Tally of reference Landscape (trees, mountain, hill, sea, ocean)
    Outdistance between phenomenon and witness Very near (- of 40 m)
    Beginning of the observation Beginning of observation per witness
    End of the observation End of observation per phenomenon


    Angle of the site Quantified
    Direction of observation South
    Cape Is
    Trajectory With change of direction


    Nature of the observation Not-specified
    Characteristic of the observation Not-specified
    Total form Not-specified
    Apparent size Not-specified
    Apparent speed Not-specified
    Noise No noise
    Effect on the environment Physical effects (traces on the ground, traces on véhicu
    A number of objects 1


Andrew said...

Please continue with the translating. It may seem tedious, but in fact it's invaluable. I will be happy to use/reference it on my own blog.

Richard Lalancette said...

Hi Andrew. It used to be much easier using google translate. But the made a change to the translation results and it became difficult to copy and paste the translated text. I have since moved on to other projects. Thank you for your interest.

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