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LES LILAS (38) 1993

LES LILAS (38) 1993

AreaRhône Alpes
Observation of long duration of two successive stationary phenomena
Detailed descriptionOn May 30, 1993 at 04:15, a witness returning home, observes from his balcony an orange rectangular form at a distance of 50 to 100m. The form of an estimated size of approximately 1 meter is stationary at about 10m of the ground. This object remained stationary without noise during 15 minutes and moved away gently before disappearing. At 04:45, the witness observes one second form, circular this time and white, not dazzling. The size of this disc is also approximately 1 meter. It is located at approximately the same distance as the precedent phenomenon and is also stationary. The witness will observe this second phenomenon uninterrupted up to 06:00, to which it disappeared in the direction of the sky. The investigation did not make it possible to identify these phenomena to the movements of regular aircrafts. No trace on the ground was left and no other witness could be found. This phenomenon remains unexplained.
Report of the investigationnone

Document (S)


Testimony (S)

N° 1995307718 [statement 300]_NUM_CAS_
  • Witness #1

    Date from the observation30/05/1993
    Number of PartNot-specified
    AgeAdult (beyond 18 years)
    ProfessionWithout Profession
    ReactionPassive curiosity
    CredibilityNormal credibility


    EnvironmentResidence; Urban landscape
    Condition WeatherA clear sky; Change of the conditions weather in the course of observed; Cover
    Hour of the observationQuantified: 4 hours - 6 hours
    Tally of referenceSky or clouds
    Outdistance between phenomenon and witnessNear (from 40 to 200 m)
    Beginning of the observationNot-specified
    End of the observationNot-specified


    Angle of the siteNot-specified
    Direction of observationGeographical reference mark (Name of city, village, quantified, etc)
    TrajectoryMotionless; Rising


    Nature of the observationNot-specified
    Characteristic of the observationNot-specified
    Total formNot-specified
    Apparent sizeNot-specified
    Apparent speedNot-specified
    NoiseNo noise
    Effect on the environmentNot-specified
    A number of objectsNot-specified

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