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LORGUES (83) 1995

LORGUES (83) 1995
AreaProvence Alpes Cote D'Azur
Observation of an egg shape object flying close to the ground.
Detailed descriptionOn May 14, 1995, a witness alone on an isolated camp-site observes close to his tent within 5 or 6 meters, a luminous egg shaped object, hovering at about 1 meter off the ground. The object, approximately 1.5 meters high by 0.5 meters, is a very luminous white color, with blue rays on its circumference. It approached to 5 or 6 meters from the witness while enlarging in volume. The object remained completely quiet. The witness tried to take a photograph of the object but was shocked that the camera was inoperable. The witness then of panicked and fled in his car. He telephoned the gendarmes and went back to his tent with them. The investigation did not make it possible to associate this observation with an unspecified aircraft. The phenomenon observed remains unexplained.
Report of the investigationnone

Document (S)


Testimony (S)

N° 1996307811 [statement 587]_NUM_CAS_
  • Witness #1

    Date from the observation14/05/1995
    Number of PartNot-specified
    AgeAdult (beyond 18 years)
    ProfessionWithout Profession
    ReactionActive curiosity; Fear
    CredibilityNormal credibility


    Condition WeatherNot-specified
    Hour of the observationQuantified: 22 hours - 24 hours
    Tally of referenceLandscape (trees, mountain, hill, sea, ocean)
    Outdistance between phenomenon and witnessVery near (- of 40 m)
    Beginning of the observationBeginning of observation per witness
    End of the observationEnd of observation per phenomenon


    Angle of the siteQuantified
    Direction of observationGeographical reference mark (Name of city, village, quantified, etc)


    Nature of the observationNot-specified
    Characteristic of the observationNot-specified
    Total formNot-specified
    Apparent sizeNot-specified
    Apparent speedNot-specified
    NoiseNo noise
    Effect on the environmentNot-specified
    A number of objects1

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