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PRIVAS (07) 1989

PRIVAS (07) 1989

AreaRhône Alpes
Observation by 3 witnesses of a luminous phenomenon during a long period. The object made of a luminous ball. A smaller object came out of the first one later.
Detailed descriptionOn October 14 around 05:40, a man opens the shutters of his house. He observes a very brilliant object the size of a plate, motionless in the sky. Around 06:50 a second smaller object seems to leave from it and seems to remains connected to it with a luminous ray. The ray was then cut and the smallest object descends towards the ground, then went up towards the large one and both moved away slowly towards the South. A newspaper article indicates that two other witnesses observed the same phenomenon of an exceptionally long duration and to which no explanation could be given.
Report of the investigationnone

Document (S)


Testimony (S)

N° 1989307155 [statement 792]_NUM_CAS_
  • Witness #1

    Date from the observation14/10/1989
    Number of PartNot-specified
    AgeAdult (beyond 18 years)
    ProfessionSenior executive and Junior Staff
    ReactionActive curiosity
    CredibilityNormal credibility


    Condition WeatherA clear sky
    Hour of the observationQuantified: 4 hours - 6 hours
    Tally of referenceSky or clouds
    Outdistance between phenomenon and witnessNot-specified
    Beginning of the observationBeginning of observation per witness
    End of the observationEnd of observation per phenomenon


    Angle of the siteMiddle of the sky
    Direction of observationSouth-west
    TrajectoryMotionless; Without change of direction


    Nature of the observationNot-specified
    Characteristic of the observationNot-specified
    Total formNot-specified
    Apparent sizeNot-specified
    Apparent speedNot-specified
    Effect on the environmentNot-specified
    A number of objects1

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